What is sophrology?

From greek etymology sos (harmony), phren (consciousness), logos (study), sophrology is literally the study of consciousness harmony. Sophrology is a structured method, using the mind-body connection and inspired by oriental and western techniques: it combines breathing, relaxing, simple physical movements, mental imagery and meditation exercises.

Practicing sophrology restores or reinforces the state of balance and harmony between what we feel, what we think and what we do in our everyday life. Regular practice helps us to develop new capacities, especially for well-being and stress-management.

Relaxation techniques are used in sophrology to help you let go (emotions, thoughts, negative feelings) and hence transform your physical and mental state through a gradual and safe process. Sophrology allows you to ground yourself in the present, feel at peace with the past and face the future positively.

The Sophro Q&A

Who can practice sophrology?

Adults, pregnant women, seniors, teenagers, children from 5–6 years old. Practice and exercises are adapted to suit all ages and abilities.

How is an individual session organized?

The first session is mainly a dialog, to understand your needs and define the objective.

Other sessions are organized as follows:

  • A dialog to discuss and make the point
  • A practice including a relaxation phase and specific exercises
  • A post-practice dialog during which sensations and feelings can be described. We can also define simple exercises to practice and agree on next meeting

What to wear? Do i need to prepare?

Come as you are, no specific clothing is required, nor equipment.

Sophrology is practiced in a standing, sitting, and less frequently in a lying down position. Sometimes the practice includes simple physical movements.

How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions varies and depends on your initial demand. Sophrology requires practice and training. We, as sophrologists, guide you towards autonomy.

To sleep well, to learn to relax, to feel well, clear benefits can be seen after just a few sessions. When practiced regularly, sophrology is a precious help and tool for self-discovery, well-being and fulfillment in harmony with its environment.

What for? What are the benefits?

Please refer to our Application section :

  • Well-being, stress management, relaxation
  • Prepare for a future event
  • Personal and professional development